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About Us

Acousti Pro are UK manufacturers and suppliers of class leading Acoustic Treatment, Sound Proofing and Studio Anywhere modular acoustic structures ranging from vocal booths and control rooms to entire performance facilities. Our team consists of technical sales, studio designers, qualified acousticians, commercial project managers, music lovers and music industry veterans. Our current knowledge base boasts over 50 year’s practical experience in this wide and diverse field. We strive to offer the best possible product performance and support whilst paying close attention to fire safety and ultimate affordability. By manufacturing in the UK and distributing products directly from our own warehouse facilities, we keep shipping costs low and can deliver our proven solutions on time and on budget every time.

Services We Offer

Studio Design & Build: High-performance FIRESAFE modular room systems that out perform traditional build methods sonically and financially. From vocal booths and control rooms to full performance facilities, we design and install quickly and with minimal disruption. Compliant with UK fire regulations and BB93.

Acoustic Treatment: Home / project studio, home cinema, listening rooms etc. where the accurate reproduction of audio content is critical.
Commercial studios, post production, broadcast.
New school builds, retrospective classroom treatment, offices, call centres.
Solutions include a dedicated range of CLASS 0 fire approved products for education and public sectors.

Sound Proofing: Home / project studio, home cinema, listening rooms, home offices etc.
Commercial studios, new school builds, office complexes, board rooms, interview rooms, consultation rooms etc

Vibration Isolation for Audio: Home / project studio, HIFI, AV, DJ,  anywhere where vibration has a detrimental effect on the music content and / or the immediate environment.

Specialist Vibration Isolation: Air conditioning, stainless steel catering facilities, buildings etc. where noise damping is required.

Custom Manufacturing: We can custom manufacture parts from our wide range of specialist materials to your exact specifications subject to suitability.

Get it right first time!

Despite the importance of acoustic considerations in new buildings, many people don’t recognise this until the build is complete and they experience poor acoustics first hand. Don’t fall into the trap of relying on conventional builders and architects to deliver an effective acoustic solution. We are happy to offer our professional advice on any building project especially in helping new school builds to comply with Building Bulletin 93.

Site Visits: We offer a cost effective site visit to our clients which has proven especially popular with existing buildings requiring remedial works to improve acoustics. We can specify a solution and deliver a comprehensive specification and presentation quality images so your organisation can effectively evaluate the solution. Please contact us for more information.

Acoustic Consultancy: Reverberation and speech intelligibility consultation is recommended for new builds and specialist applications. Years of experience has taught us that a thorough acoustic consultation at the beginning of a build project is necessary to avoid expensive remedial work further down the line - something that simply cannot be left to chance especially in academic environments, where poor acoustics are proven to be detrimental to learning. Please contact us for more details.

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